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The Biomechanics division consists of highly skilled researchers and engineers working in modeling and analysing dynamic movement with the aim of using the information obtained in the design of assistive devices and rehabilitation for reduced mobility people.


Research Lines

  • Capture and analysis of human movement. Gait analysis of healthy and pathological gait.
  • Development of multisolids models for dynamic analysis and simulation of human movement.
  • Simulation and design of assistive devices and rehabilitation for people with disabilities.
  • Analysis of comfort footwear

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Manel González Piñero
+34 93.401.16.93


  • Modeling the human body through dynamic multisolid techniques.
  • Inverse dynamic motion analysis (calculation of muscle forces and torques).
  • Simulation of human movement.
  • Analysis of parameters that define comfort footwear.
  • Modeling and dynamic analysis of assistive devices.
  • Analysis of the human-device interaction.
  • Mechanical design and selection of standard components.
  • Kinematics and dynamic measures of human movement in the Laboratory of Biomechanics.

Scientific Productions

Biomechanical Engineering Lab (BIOMEC)
The Research Group's main scientific goal is the development of multibody biomechanical models to analyse and simulate the dynamics of human movement. Moreover, this group designs personalized robotic devices that enhance human movement and neurorehabilitation.