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Computer Graphics

The Computer Graphics division dedicates to create, analyze and view images from 3D models to the reconstruction and visualization of anatomical and functional models for biomedical applications.


Research Lines

Serious games. Innovative and technological solutions to design, implement and validate serious games and gamification.

We propose novel technological solutions for the design, implementation and validation of serious games and gamification solutions. We address professional training, screening, rehabilitation and education.

We ally a strong expertise in computer graphics and game design with our capacity to model biomedical and psychosocial systems and to integrate them in the logics of our games. We work in team with the domain experts to model the knowledge layer and the pedagogical requirements of our gamified solutions.

Our developments are user-centric and provide adaptive assistance mechanisms for users without computer literacy and for users with special needs.

Serious Games
Gamifications, simulations and games.

Personatges en Joc

Collection of multimedia educational games.

Visualization of data and 3D models.

  • Methods for extracting surfaces from volumetric data simpllificación. Methods for 3D mesh.
  • Geometric Modeling volume. Data visualization. Biomedical Applications of Computer Graphics.
  • Modeling and visualization of data multimodal anatomical and functional brain.

Anatomical reconstructions and surgical simulations

  • Reconstruction of the cerebral vasculature.
  • Reconstruction of the prostate.
  • Computer Simulation of surgical endoscopic intervention of the prostate.

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Manel González Piñero
+34 93.401.16.93


  • Design, implementation and validation of serious games.
  • Counseling computer graphics projects in the biomedical field.
  • Courses and subjects in the field of Computer Graphics, Geometric Modeling, Visualization and Animation Realistic.
  • Project development of modeling, reconstruction, visualization of medical data, planning interventions and assisted surgery.

Scientific Productions