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Dosimetry and Ionizing Radiation

The Dosimetry and Ionizing Radiation division is an organism authorized by the Entitdad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC) to certify the calibration and create control procedures for radiological risks in industrial and health environment. This research group develops and optimize ionizing radiation measuring systems.


Research Lines

  • Characterization of devices for obtaining images in nuclear medicine and radiology: development of techniques for iterative image reconstruction and Monte Carlo simulation in digital radiography, SPET and PET.
  • Dosimeter characterization of radiation beams: determine the main physical parameters of the radiation beams used in the calibration laboratory, homogeneity of the beam, the contribution of dispersed, spectral distribution of energy and size of the field.
  • Development planning systems radiotherapeutic: implementation of radiotherapeutic planning speed systems that incorporate techniques of simulation of radiation transport.
  • Photon dosimetry using thermoluminescence detectors: characterization of several thermoluminescent materials in order to optimize its behavior, according to their later use: environmental dosimetry, or clinic staff. Optimization of in vivo dosimetry systems for application of radiation therapy.
  • Photonic radiation metrology: determination of reference values in the dosimetric quantities of interest, mainly kerma on air to photonic radiation and dose absorbed to beta radiation, for the calibration of measurement systems and detection of ionizing radiation from dosimetric characterization of the beams with the use of secondary standards.
  • Modeling and simulation of the interaction of radiation with matter: development of algorithms for Monte Carlo simulation of radiation transport, and of subroutine for the applications of these codes of calculation scenarios of clinical and dosimetric.

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Manel González Piñero
+34 93.401.16.93


  • Advice on issues related to applications of radiation dosimetric.
  • Training for supervisors and other radioactive fecilities specific training in the use of radiation.
  • Calibration of monitors for environmental and personal dosimetry, quality control equipment in radiology and ionization pattern dosimetry in gamma, x-ray and beta radiation.
  • Calibration of surface contamination monitors laptops.
  • Calibration of measuring equipment of high voltage x-ray.
  • Environmental and personal dosimeters irradiation.
  • Calibration service with a certificate ENAC.
  • Dosimetry personal extern service with ENAC accreditation.
  • Environmental radioactivity analysis services.

Scientific Productions

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