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Robotics and Vision

The highly qualified professionals of Robotics and Vision division work together with public and private institutions in order to plan and implement projects to study and design robots for surgery. They also design and construct support systems for people with physical or sensory problems.

Robòtica i Visió


Research Lines

Robotics. The division is working on the study and design of specific robots -not necessarily for industrial applications- as well as in implementing systems of perception, especially vision for the control and robot guidance. The goal is to make significant progress towards intelligent robotics -in fields such as medical robotics (care and surgery), underwater robotics and services-. We work in human-robot cooperative control procedures to improve performance or lead to actions not feasible until now.

  • Development of learning techniques on robotic environments with shared control.
  • Study of reactive-accomodative control in robots operating in partnership with people.
  • Study and development of multirobot cooperation strategies with redundant architectures.
  • Support for the recovery of human autonomy and motor and cognitive abilities improvement using information technologies.
  • Microtrome Catalonia.
  • Design and development of an experimental system for studying and assessing new robotic surgery techniques.
  • Intelligent Walker as a tool to support the lower limbs rehabilitation after stroke.
  • Support for secure mobility.

Computer vision. Within the line computer vision is working on the study and development of algorithms and design of specialized processors, geared for implementation in hardware. The goal is to get to design computers with a specific architecture oriented image processing in one or more contexts, providing a real-time processing, and therefore the application in different fields: inspection, robotics, etc.

  • Vehicles occupancy detection.
  • Teleguidance system and intraoperative radiotherapy treatments planning.

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Manel González Piñero
+34 93.401.16.93


  • Adaptation and automation of facilities.
  • Advice on process automation.
  • Advice and development of advanced control.
  • Development of medical image analysis systems: magnetic resonance, radiography, tomography, microscopy images…
  • Development of vision systems for inspection and robot guidance.
  • Study and design of technical aids for the disabled and sensory.

Scientific Productions

Intelligent Robotics and Systems
The goal of this research group is the study, evaluation and development of robotic systems based on the incorporation of perception capabilities for achieving more flexibility and a more intelligent behavior.