Exheus, the spin-off of the “’Institut de Recerca de l’Hospital de la Sant Creu i Sant Pau – IIB Sant Pau” and CREB UPC that analyzes gene expression using artificial intelligence, has received a grant worth € 75,000 within the framework of ACCIÓ’s ‘Startup Capital’ line of aid.

Teresa Tarragó, CEO and co-founder of Exheus: “This help will allow us to continue developing technology that is essential for improving health. We have an ambitious strategy for the coming years and we look forward to continue working with the entire Exheus team to achieve this. “

Exheus is a spin-off born thanks to the research carried out by the Sant Pau Research Institute – IIB Sant Pau, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and the company Summit SL, which has introduced an innovative technology that analyzes gene expression and their alterations, through artificial intelligence, in order to optimize people’s performance, health and nutrition.

Exheus develops a solution that is able to sequence RNA, from a small blood sample, and associate the expression of genes in more than 320 metabolic pathways that act as biomarkers of the parameters of the individual’s body, analyzing all those variations that are outside the norm to improve and prevent health problems. “Projects such as Exheus highlight the importance of artificial intelligence in the health ecosystem,” said Alexandre Perera, director of the Center for Research in Biomedical Engineering (CREB) at the UPC.

“The fact that health research not only generates knowledge and proposes solutions for citizens and patients but also gets translated into economic and business value is an indicator that things are moving in the right direction. In this sense, Exheus is a good example. ” Said Dr. Jordi Surrallés, director of the Santa Creu i Sant Pau Research Institute – IIB Sant Pau. “A country’s commitment to research and innovation will also determine its economic development.”

One of Exheus’ primary goals is to reduce the high-performance sports injuries and improve the associated recovery. Validated in different sports, its technology is being developed and tested with some of the main European clubs and sports centers as well as with runners of the Barcelona Marathon.