The Biomedical Engineering Alumni from the UPC (BEA UPC) aims to keep current and former students in touch, providing them with a solid and lasting space to support their science and career. BEA UPC wants to offer a meeting point and coordinate activities that provide alumni with opportunities for professional development, as well as networking.

  • To visibilize the studies in Biomedical Engineering at the UPC.
  • Networking events to create community.
  • Sharing career opportunities.
  • Advice on career guidance issues (mentoring among Alumni).
  • Generate spaces for discussion on topics of interest.

For whom?

BEA UPC aims to bring together all those students or Alumni of the programs:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering (UPC).
  • Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering (UB – UPC).
  • Master’s Degree in Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation (UPC).
  • Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. Specialty in Biomedical (UPC).
  • Students doing their Master’s Thesis (UPC).
  • Doctoral Programme in Biomedical Engineering (UPC).