Gamification and Simulation

Respiratory modeling

Recording of EEG signals. Experiment design for cognitive tasks. Automatic artifact reduction in recordings. Spectral, time-frequency, and nonlinear analysis. Analysis of EEG/MEG activity in psychoactive drug studies, event-related potential studies, sleep studies, and neurological diseases (Epilepsy, Alzheimer, Parkinsons, Down, Schizophrenia, Multiple Sclerosis). EEG/MEG source localization. Connectivity assessment.

Prediction of respiratory system response under ventilatory stimuli. Development of an interactive computational tool (MV-Trainer) to simulate respiratory patient’s response under mechanical ventilation. Analysis of respiratory muscle activity by surface EMG signals.

  • MATLAB software and specialized toolboxes.
  • Computer server and storage units for calculations and backup systems.

Computer Graphics (CG)

Design, implementation and validation of serious games and gamification solutions. Strong expertise in computer graphics and game design with the capacity to model biomedical and psychosocial systems and to integrate them in the logics of games.

  • Professional training, screening, rehabilitation and education.
  • User-centric developments that provide adaptive assistance mechanisms for users without computer literacy and for users with special needs.