Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT)

CREB UPC people are eager to know how things work — and inspired to make them work better. Our “mind and hand” philosophy spurs real-world engagement, and thanks to CREB UPC’s entrepreneurial culture, Barcelona’s innovation ecosystem brims with companies spun out from CREB UPC. We also embrace collaborations with industry, hospitals and government, as we seek compelling problems where CREB UPC innovation can make an impact.

CREB UPC is proactive in translating newly generated knowledge into products and technologies made@CREB UPC in collaboration with our industrial allies or through the creation of spin offs. The mission of the KTT Team is to provide social and economic benefits by translating CREB UPC research into public use via technology licensing, through a process which benefits CREB UPC, Industry and the society.

To date CREB UPC research groups have filed and licensed a significant number of patents, and has a particularly strong IP portfolio in the technology sectors covered by CREB UPC focus areas: biomaterials, bioinformatics, image processing, biomechanics, … Also, the CREB UPC is launching its own incubation and acceleration program for projects and startups in the field of the health technologies.