Bachelor’s Degree

The bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering provides the knowledge needed to supervise and manage engineering projects related to the design of equipment for monitoring, diagnosis and treatment, and projects involving information and communication systems for healthcare, remote medicine, remote monitoring and equipment quality control. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to equipping students for careers in the fields of e-medicine, the capture of biosignals such as cardiovascular signals, neurosurgery and the treatment of pain, implants for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology, sports medicine, disposable medical devices, the management of biomedical teams and systems and the provision of technical advice, and the assessment and certification of medical technology. You will acquire skills in the analysis and interpretation of biomedical signals and images; biomechanics and biomaterials; sensors; quality-of-care improvement; and equipment and process optimisation. Although the bachelor’s degree has been introduced recently, it is very popular, because it trains students to fulfil a new professional role for which the graduate employment rate is very high and in which graduates are quick to find employment.