Master’s Degree

The master’s Degree in Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation aims to produce highly qualified engineers by providing students with multidisciplinary training and developing a high level of competence that enables them to easily adapt to positions of responsibility with hospitals, companies or research centres in the field of neuroengineering and rehabilitation. Students will acquire knowledge of the theoretical and practical foundations of neuroengineering and rehabilitation and the technology associated with this field. The subjects taught provide knowledge and skills related to neural engineering; sensory, brain and muscle systems; assistive technology; and cognitive, motor and cardiorespiratory therapies, among others.

The specialty in biomedical pursues the objective of training students in different technology fields applied to medicine. The students will know to identify and extract information of the biomedical signs, design biomaterials, analyze the movements of the human body, generate medical images, and also a model and simulate biological systems.

The Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering, coordinated by the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) with the  UPC as a participant, aims to solve any specific engineering problem arising in biology and medicine. It is an interuniversity master’s degree that offers technical, scientific and practical technology training that is suitable for application in the basic disciplines of medicine and will enable graduates to further their careers in the fields of industry, health, research, development and innovation.