May 11, 2021

Exheus has designed the first genetic report that analyzes the activation of the 22000 genes in our body

Health xCode is a spin-off of the IIB Sant Pau (CERCA Center – Fundació Institut de Recerca Hospital de Sant Pau) and the CREB UPC (Research Center for Biomedical Engineering) born from the research developed by Jose Manuel Soria, Alexandre Perera LLuna and Emma Roca. Exheus analyzes gene expression with special attention to target genes, such as those integrated into metabolic pathways, inflammatory processes and infections, the immune system and other markers that control muscle damage suffered in sports training and competitions.

May 7, 2021

APACHE “Atmospheric Pressure plasma meets biomaterials for bone Cancer Healing” the Starting Grant project, funded by European Research Council

European Research Council is a true success story. Thanks for supporting our groundbreaking research on biomaterials, plasmas and cancer. At ERCApache, team leaded by Cristina Canal, we are working hard to produce excellent science and bring back the investment to society for a better healthcare.

April 19, 2021

Exheus, beneficiary of the ACCIÓ’s ‘Startup Capital’ to continue improving people’s health

Exheus, the spin-off of the “’Institut de Recerca de l’Hospital de la Sant Creu i Sant Pau – IIB Sant Pau” and CREB UPC that analyzes gene expression using artificial intelligence, has received a grant worth € 75,000 within the framework of ACCIÓ’s ‘Startup Capital’ line of aid. One of Exheus’ primary goals is to reduce the high-performance sports injuries and improve the associated recovery. Validated in different sports, its technology is being developed and tested with some of the main European clubs and sports centers.

April 16, 2021

CREB UPC to participate in an innovative ventilation system that will help fight the pandemic

Within the framework of the Innotec — 2020 grants, the company AMPER S&C IoT and the TECNIO Centre CREB UPC (Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering) will collaborate in the project “Intelligent ventilation system and detection of the level of interiors sanitation, VIDA”. The ventilation system to be developed will be useful to fight the pandemic, ensuring good indoor ventilation, based on air quality measures, beyond CO2 measurements that are carried out routinely but do not provide indoor and outdoor air quality information.

April 15, 2021

MV-Optimizer, a new software to assist mechanical ventilation

MV-Optimizer is a clinical prognosis software developed to assist physicians in the management of mechanical ventilation (MV), an artificial technique that partially or fully replaces the function of the respiratory muscles of a person who cannot breathe on his own. MV influences natural respiration by improving oxygenation and CO2 elimination while the causes that lead to the need for MV are resolved. MV-Optimizer was part of one of the 13 innovative science-based projects of the UPC of the ‘Knowledge Industry’ program and has been selected by IESE in the BTTG technology transfer accelerator program. Currently, it participates in the Barcelona Activa pre-acceleration program.