June 4, 2021

El CREB coordinarà la participació UPC al màster interuniversitari en Ciència de Dades Biomèdiques

Es tracta de formar científics de dades que puguin generar valor a partir del big data que es crea dins l’àmbit de la salut i que puguin contribuir a l’avenç de la medicina de precisió i personalitzada. Arriba en un moment d’inflexió en l’àmbit de la salut a escala global a causa de la pandèmia de la covid-19, que ha accelerat la necessitat de processar grans quantitats de dades biomèdiques per convertir-les en coneixement i millores del sistema. El màster en Ciències de Dades Biomèdiques de la Universitat Rovira i Virgili està dirigit a graduats en estudis científics i tècnics afins a la temàtica del màster (bioinformàtica, ciències, enginyeria) amb vocació d’especialitzar-se en ciència de dades en l’àmbit de la salut.

May 28, 2021

Low cost solution from CREB UPC for the detection of COVID19 through the sound of cough

The situation experienced with COVID-19 where medical care has been overwhelmed and there is a difficulty to perform rapid and massive tests in an agile way in the population is the starting point of the project developed by CREB UPC (Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering of the Technical University of Catalonia) and funded by the Center for Development Cooperation UPC. The solution seeks to provide a low-cost tool that helps to reduce the burden on the healthcare system and act quickly in case COVID-19 symptoms are detected.

May 18, 2021

Exheus, selected for Google’s ‘Growth Academy: Health & Wellbeing’

This new program will focus on supporting those startups that through technology try to introduce healthy living habits and improve the people’s quality of life. The research born at CREB UPC and the “Fundació Institut de Recerca Hospital de Sant Pau”, supported by “The Collider” of Mobile World Capital Barcelona has matured and is offered through the first genetic report that analyzes the activation of the 22000 genes in our body.

May 11, 2021

Exheus has designed the first genetic report that analyzes the activation of the 22000 genes in our body

Health xCode is a spin-off of the IIB Sant Pau (CERCA Center – Fundació Institut de Recerca Hospital de Sant Pau) and the CREB UPC (Research Center for Biomedical Engineering) born from the research developed by Jose Manuel Soria, Alexandre Perera LLuna and Emma Roca. Exheus analyzes gene expression with special attention to target genes, such as those integrated into metabolic pathways, inflammatory processes and infections, the immune system and other markers that control muscle damage suffered in sports training and competitions.

May 7, 2021

APACHE “Atmospheric Pressure plasma meets biomaterials for bone Cancer Healing” the Starting Grant project, funded by European Research Council

European Research Council is a true success story. Thanks for supporting our groundbreaking research on biomaterials, plasmas and cancer. At ERCApache, team leaded by Cristina Canal, we are working hard to produce excellent science and bring back the investment to society for a better healthcare.