We are happy to announce that the CEO Alfons Carnicero Carmona has been recognized as MIT Innovator Under 35 Europe 2022 by MIT Technology Review EmTech Europe. To celebrate this year’s listing, he has been invited to the Festival of Innovation that will take place in Ireland on May 19-20. 

Innovators Under 35 is an annual list that recognizes 35 outstanding European innovators who are younger than 35 years old. The awards span advancements in a wide range of fields such as biotechnology, medicine, electronics, hardware, artificial intelligence, and robotics. In this case, the award recognizes the amazing work of the AbleHumanMotion team creating the next generation of light and accessible exoskeleton technology. 

Innovators Under 35 Europe Festival 2021 is a unique opportunity to meet the shapers of our future, transforming our lives through their technological advances. The festival will bring together young European visionaries pursuing the same objective: innovation, ingenuity, and advances toward addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. 35 entrepreneurs, inventors, visionaries, pioneers and humanitarians have been selected for their outstanding technological achievements.