Within the framework of the Innotec — 2020 grants, the company AMPER S&C IoT and the TECNIO Centre CREB UPC (Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering) will collaborate in the project “Intelligent ventilation system and detection of the level of interiors sanitation, VIDA”.

The project aims to develop an intelligent ventilation system to define new indoor air quality metrics to know the right time and how to ventilate. The ideal way to carry out ventilation is in a natural way, letting fresh air in from the outside mix with the air inside. However, outdoor air quality may not be optimal or it may be very cold and could lower the indoor temperature. For this reason, it is recommended to activate other routes of ventilation such as the use of extractors or purifiers. 

The ventilation system to be developed will be useful to fight the pandemic, ensuring good indoor ventilation, based on air quality measures, beyond CO2 measurements that are carried out routinely but do not provide indoor and outdoor air quality information.