Prof. Maria-Pau Ginebra and her team from The Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Research Group (BBT) are part of a recently awarded project by Horizon Europe, EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation. The project provides a web-optimised information marketplace and digital advisors to support companies in offering their products and properly presenting themselves at global scale. 

This project brings together 12 partners from 8 countries (Austria, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Spain) that will integrate their expertise in disciplines such as polymer and biomaterials science, biomechanics and tissue engineering, medicine and health technology, materials science and engineering, medical device research, emerging therapies and technologies in medicine, cooperation and international relations, as well as ethical and social impact. The Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Research Group (BBT), one of three Spanish partners, acts as WP2 leader.

BIOMATDB, born after BBT-lead DEBBIE MSCA project, aims to create an advanced database for biomaterials providing detailed information on its properties. Flexible data analysis and visualisation tools support the search and selection process based on analyses of the results of biological testing of biomaterials from the scientific literature to incorporate data on as many of the material properties as possible. BIOMATDB also focuses on the creation of a label of biocompatibility to define the suitability of a biomaterial for use in a medical device or advanced therapy and to assist companies in choosing and facilitating market access for their products providing them a better guidance.