April 16, 2021

CREB UPC to participate in an innovative ventilation system that will help fight the pandemic

Within the framework of the Innotec — 2020 grants, the company AMPER S&C IoT and the TECNIO Centre CREB UPC (Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering) will collaborate in the project “Intelligent ventilation system and detection of the level of interiors sanitation, VIDA”. The ventilation system to be developed will be useful to fight the pandemic, ensuring good indoor ventilation, based on air quality measures, beyond CO2 measurements that are carried out routinely but do not provide indoor and outdoor air quality information.

April 15, 2021

MV-Optimizer, a new software to assist mechanical ventilation

MV-Optimizer is a clinical prognosis software developed to assist physicians in the management of mechanical ventilation (MV), an artificial technique that partially or fully replaces the function of the respiratory muscles of a person who cannot breathe on his own. MV influences natural respiration by improving oxygenation and CO2 elimination while the causes that lead to the need for MV are resolved. MV-Optimizer was part of one of the 13 innovative science-based projects of the UPC of the ‘Knowledge Industry’ program and has been selected by IESE in the BTTG technology transfer accelerator program. Currently, it participates in the Barcelona Activa pre-acceleration program.

March 9, 2021

A journey into innovation

CREB UPC participated in the digital Workshop of the Interuniversity PhD Program in Bioinformatics, a session where the students defended their thesis in three minutes, but also had an opportunity to learn from other voices in the industry. CREB UPC also introduced Xartec Salut to the dozens of students. Made up of 47 research groups from Catalonia, Xartec Salut aims to be an ecosystem to catalyse tech transfer in the healthtech industry. “One of our main goals is to foster the exchange of knowledge and technology transfer between the different agents, in order to have a greater economic and social impact”, claimed Sergio San Agustín, innovation promoter at Xartec Salut.

December 1, 2020

The spin-off, Exheus, has received the Award for Innovative Startup led by women at the MIT Enterprise Forum Spain.

The MITEF Spain Jury has reached this decision considering their business model, technology, market potential and evolution, and the team itself.They have developed a technology that is capable of sequencing RNA, from a small blood sample, and associating the expression of genes in more than 320 metabolic pathways that act as biomarkers of the parameters of the individual’s body, analyzing all those variations that are out of the ordinary to improve and prevent health problems.

November 30, 2020

La Marató de TV3 2019 will boost 3 research projects by CREB | UPC on rare diseases

1 ”Use of artificial intelligence and biology systems for the diagnosis and personalized risk assessment for inherited kidney disease, focusing on Alport syndrome” 2 “ArmTracker: A portable system for assessing motor function of the upper extremities during daily life for patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy” 3 “Development of personalized treatments in rare genetic diseases causing pediatric parkinsonism” Congratulations to our researchers and partners and of course, congratulations to the rest of the projects.