Open positions

January 20, 2023

ABLE DailyExo: Researcher in Biomechanics of Human Movement

The aim of ABLE DailyExo is to develop and clinically validate the next generation of smart robotic exoskeletons to assist people with disabilities in everyday life activities. A breakthrough technology that will help them to regain mobility and independence in their daily lives, performing on their own activities such as walking indoors and outdoors, climbing stairs, opening a door, and enjoying conversations with friends and family at an eye-level again.

November 23, 2022

Postdoctoral Researcher Position on solid-phase peptide synthesis and development of multifunctional hydrogels

We are looking for a PhD researcher to work in the field of peptide chemistry and investigate click-chemistry methodologies to develop self-assembling hydrogels with multifunctional biological potential. This position is part of the Project “Bioactive and multifunctional peptide-based hydrogels obtained by bottom-up self-assembly for advanced biomedical applications” funded by the Spanish Research State Agency (AEI).

September 12, 2022

PhD Student Position at the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Research Group (BBT)

The BBT Group is looking for a predoctoral student to develop his/her PhD thesis project on the development of new biodegradable stent to solve pediatric aortic coarctation. The project will be within the framework of one of the research lines of the BBT, whose objective is the fabrication of biodegradable metallic and polymeric stents by additive manufacturing.

June 15, 2022

First Stage Researcher (R1) / Recognised Researcher (R2)

Coordination and research duties in the project “Advanced Database for Biomaterials with Data Analysis and Visualisation Tools extended by a Marketplace with Digital Advisors”.

October 8, 2021

Business Development support

We are looking for a Business Development Support Person for the Xartec Salut project. This is a part time position (20/35h) and the professional should have experience in design and communication. We offer a unique project in a multidisciplinary team that is building from scratch a reference tool for technology transfer & valorization of Health Technologies in Catalonia. This is an opportunity for personal/professional growth while having real impact in society.