Nerea has been awarded for her work on “Laser-assisted surface modification of zirconia-based materials to enhance osteoblast response for dental applications“, the result of her Final Thesis of the Master in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering – AMASE at UPC, under the direction of Dr. Carles Mas-Moruno (BBT) and Dr. Joan Josep Roa (CIEFMA). As the winner of the grand finale, Nerea will represent the association in the competition European Master Thesis Award, to be held during the JR EUROMAT 2022 (Coimbra, Portugal).
This annual meeting allows the different research groups to present their latest developments and encourages the presence of their youngest researchers. Moreover, several discussion forums are established between engineers and physicians and hospitals, since they are well aware of society’s needs in this field. But also, forums between the Network and industry are favoured, as they are able to develop the products that society demands.