This project pursues improving the following objectives: (1) identifying the existing technologies; (2) reinforcing the visibility and external projection of R&D&I in health-technologies in Catalonia and their international alliances; (3) setting up an environment of excellence that encourages attraction and catalyzes talent; (4) contributing to the diversification and hybridization of technologies within the medical field; (5) promoting cooperation; (6) becoming a technological observatory to detect trends and opportunities of the health sector; (7) creating the mechanisms for the promotion and valorization of the Catalan health technologies; (8) providing a customized support to research groups in order to validate, push and launch their technologies into the market.
The congress is addressed both at the scientific community and at patients and families, and will tackle different topics related to the current pandemic: study of new vaccines, psychosocial impact, consequences of the disease, access to treatments, healthcare models, etc.
Co-founder and scientific director of Rob Surgical (Bitrack robot), Dr. Amat is the 1st entrepreneur of CataloniaBioHT who receives this recognition. Congratulations! Josep Amat (Barcelona, ​​1940) has a long career dedicated to research in the field of surgical robotics. He is the author of multiple patents and books. Josep taught until 2010 as a professor at the ETSEIB, ​​and at the Faculty of Computer Science of Barcelona. He has been Emeritus Professor at the UPC ever since.
Mercè Ginjaume (UPC) participates on the 22nd July 2020, at the webinar on occupational radiation protection organized by the IAEA: Artificial intelligence & virtual reality: How to enhance radiation protection of workers and the future of workplace safety. She is presenting the main results and change of paradigm of the H2020 research project, Personal Online Dosimetry Using Computational Methods (PODIUM).
During the exceptional state due to the sars-cov-2 outbreak, the teachers and students of the Scientific Python class from the Master's Degree in Automatic Control And Robotics of 2020 are proposing a joint project to help into the research of the disease. The goals of this project are: a) To build a chatbot capable of gathering voluntary data from patients and carers.b) To organize, curate and analysis this data on a AI system, c) return useful data to users. Teachers: Alexandre Perera, Manel Velasco.